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October 7th, 2022 Kirsten Carey (Guitar) + Ryosuke Kiyasu (Drums)

Venue: Bar Isshee
Open 19:00 / Start 19:30
charge (500 yen + drink order) + donation
1st set - Ryosuke Kiyasu (Drums) solo
2nd set - Kirsten Carey (Guitar) solo
3rd set - Kirsten Carey (Guitar) + Ryosuke Kiyasu (Drums) duo set

Mail address :
Title it "10/7 Reservation" and send it to
Please let us know your full name, number of people (max. 2) and phone number to the above address. We will reply with a reference number.
Reservations will be closed at 24:00 on October 6th.
If we reach the maximum number of people before that time, the reservation will be closed at that time.

Admission will be in the order of the number of people who made reservations by e-mail.
If you send us an e-mail from your cell phone, please make sure that you can rec
eive e-mail from your PC.

In case of cancellation without prior notice
future reservations may not be possible.
Please be aware of this.

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